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A printing supplement that optimizes response times, enabling the production of shorter print runs and countless creative possibilities.

Print from as few as 1000 pieces!

HP Stream Designer

One of the leading technologies in this field is the HP Stream Designer, an advanced digital printing software developed by HP that allows you to take your creativity to the next level and create personalized campaigns that can generate unique and consistent experiences, establishing greater interaction and loyalty with your customers.

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Pouch sizes

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Stand Up Pouch

Designed to stand autonomously thanks to their gusset, making them ideal for display on shelves.

They are perfect for packaging a wide variety of products, such as snacks, coffee, tea, dry foods, granulated products, and more.

Sachet (Flat Bag)

Flat bag, available with 2 or 3 seals for packaging. Perfect for small packaging.

Roll stock

Rolls of film made from various materials produced according to each customer's needs for consumer product packaging.

Customize your packaging


Seals & Notch


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Packaging with digital printing offers endless creative possibilities. Print from as few as 1000 pieces!



Packaging with flexographic printing excels in large-volume production, making it ideal for extensive print runs.



Not only do we care about quality, but also about the environment. Therefore, we ensure that all waste generated during our flexible packaging processes is recycled.



Rigid packaging COMING SOON